Momma told me to be careful out here, so the second thing I did was go to a party in the desert. There were half-naked people everywhere but not a drop of drink in sight.


Zin’do, nice man, try get me alone w/him. I =/= stupid.


Orcish is hard to write.

Momma always said to be careful around males. Especially since I’m so young. Never know what the boys might be after (well, she said she knew).


Xa’ru sailor = nice


He sang songs about a drunken sailor but I couldn’t place it ’til I got home and realized that momma used to sing me that song.


What do u do wit a drunk saila? hahaha


When I was little and couldn’t sleep, Momma would sing it to me and sometimes I’d sing along, until the Witherbark took me and hurt me, then I didn’t talk so much. I talked a lot to the Xa’ru sailor. He looks Revantusk like mom and me, but he’s furry like a jungle troll. I asked if he knew Momma but he said he didn’t, even though he’s a sailor (pirate?) and probably knows Booty Bay real well.


Sailors + momma + grog + boot-ey bay = kezzie


Something about his parents being there, at the village.

Momma said my dad was a sailor. A pirate. She said he was strong and was probably drunk when she mentioned some of the other things that and she would blush and say that I must have been a gift from the Loas because I was the first time she ever ever EVER got kno pre g nant.


kezzie = 1 time ting (?)


Momma left Booty Bay because of me.

And that’s how she got blind. Because The Boss did not want momma to leave. So he hurt her eyes.

I sound stupid when I write. I hope I didn’t sound stupid to Zin’do. He was handsome, but my duty is to Ogoun and no man at all. I’m too young.


kezzie =/= momma

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One response to “[Kezeyah]

  1. ((Intresting manner she writes in, switching between Zandali and Orcish.))

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