A childhood friend followed me here from Revantusk. Usttai. I was surprised to see him to say the least, and he said he came because of me. Because of my leg. Because he worries.


No worri be happi


Practicing writing my Orcish isn’t going so good. I might stop, as I don’t even write to anyone anyway, unless it’s in Zandali. I wish people wouldn’t worry so much about me. “Poor Kezzie with her gimp leg!” “Poor Kezzie got hurt by Witherbark!” “Poor Kezzie trying to be a warrior, what she think she doing?” Tired of it. I want it to be “Strong Kezzie, she killed that beast!” or “Good Kezzie, we knew you could do it on your own!” Not “Poor Kezzie” this and “Poor Kezzie” that.

((A troll girl, with many braids, an axe in one hand and shield in the other – as well as a bandaged leg – is doodled here, with “KEZZIE STRONG” scrawled underneath in Orcish. The rest of the entry is in Zandali.))

He says he’s going to catch up with me later, and probably surprised that my training is progressing so quick. So am I. Said it should be his job to help me and not the other way around, but I’m strong. I don’t need the help. Then two twin girls started complimenting my hair and my axe and I got nervous and left.

I don’t like too many compliments. Make me uneasy, means someone wants something or is trying to flatter me and that’s never a good thing.

Momma sent me a letter. She doesn’t write them herself, one of her friends writes them for her.

((A letter is tucked in here.

Dearest Kez,

I hope you are doing well. Your friend left to find you, and I hope he finds you in good health.

I think your father would be proud to know that you are going to be fighting, regardless of your injury, and that you are just as strong. I pray that you continue to be the kind young woman that I raised you to be.

When you next visit the village, my dear, I may not be here. I have to go to Samedi soon.

Tay (Momma)

I wonder what she means by going to Samedi. Perhaps she means to worship. I should go back soon to see her, but my training isn’t nearly done. Does she know who my father is? I wonder why she hasn’t told me. Maybe she’s worried that I’d go after him and be disappointed because he’d want nothing to do with a whore’s the child of a lady of the night. Maybe I should leave well enough alone.

It’s so quiet here in Durotar. I should sleep.

((Kez does understand the concept of death, but doesn’t know that her mother is, in fact, ill. So she doesn’t quite “get” that her mom is dying.))

2 responses to “[Kezeyah]

  1. ((Poor girl.
    So… I’m wondering, do you not use Charge/Intercept on her, in deference to her lame leg? Or do you OOC it, or simply have it be more of a slide than a run, or what? Inquiring mind wants to know! ^_^ ))

  2. (( I never really thought of it, haha. When she’s fighting, she doesn’t notice it all that much, though I’d assume it to not be as quick as the skill illustrates. ))

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