[Kezeyah] On Gifts of Chain and Barfing Blue Trolls


Yesterday was fun! Sort of. I killed a lot of Plainstriders. When I came back to the Crossroads to repair my things, there was a big crate waiting for me. It was from Mister Xa’ru! He sent me some armour and sharpening stones. I sent him a thank-you letter.

This is exciting! I’m going to work really, really hard so I don’t disappoint him. He’s the type of man that would make a good father, I think, and I hope that mine is kinda like him.

Maybe I should go to the “Drunken Kodo” tonight and take Usttai with me. He probably needs to get out sometimes, too.

Before I went to bed, I tripped over the legs of a troll that was kneeling in the bushes. I think he was throwing up. He was so strange! He was covered in scars with long blue hair that was kinda messy, and he looked pale and sweaty and he only had one tusk, and he looked miserable too and asked me what my name was, so I ran away. Smelled like alcohol and stuff.

I know I can’t stand up to somebody so big.

I hope momma’s okay.

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2 responses to “[Kezeyah] On Gifts of Chain and Barfing Blue Trolls

  1. (( Juni: “W’at joo mean sex ain’ a ‘obby?”
    *grins* ))

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