Grumpy Bear Druid is a gaming blog that started with a focus on World of Warcraft. The author, Matojo, is a writer with a love of video games, weird fiction, history, and crafty stuff. They played WoW for a decade or so and switched main characters many, many times over the years.

WoW Career

Matojo started out on Eredar (US-PVP) as a Troll rogue, then moved to Thorium Brotherhood (US-RP) where they played a Troll priest, then a Troll hunter, then a Troll warrior. When they moved to Wyrmrest Accord, they wound up with a Goblin priest as their main character.  Before leaving the game, their mains were Matojo the Troll Druid on WrA, and Mazzriel the Night Elf Demon Hunter on MG.

And All The Rest

A roleplayer and part-time gold gamer, Matojo created Grumpy Bear Druid in 2015 to replace the defunct Troll Bouquet blog that they had run in 2008-2009. The blog covers topics relating to general gaming, earning in-game currencies, roleplay, and social justice as it relates to gaming.

Matojo identifies as a feminist, genderqueer, bisexual, and Social Justice Druid. They were diagnosed with clinical depression in 2009 and often talk about how gaming can help people cope with mental illness.

Other Games

Matojo’s other games are: FFXIV, SWL, Diablo III, Overwatch, ESO, and more, along with a big ol’ Steam library.


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